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Criminal Reference Check


Thank you for volunteering for the upcoming soccer season! 

In order to promote the health, safety and protection of our participants in the game of soccer, all coaches over the age of 19 must complete a criminal record check, which is free of charge and can be done within a few minutes online. 

The form to request the criminal record check can be completed online at: 
BVSS access code: CH547KQPVF

CRC Protocols:
1) To apply for a criminal record check online, you must use your 
BC Services Card.

If it's your first time using your BC Services Card to access an online service, you need to set up your account for use online. Completing a one-time security check to verify your identity.

TIP: Download the app on your phone and then you can pair it with your computer by entering a code for easy viewing

2) When you fill in the online form, enter coach, team parent or referee as your Position/Job Title and you will need your driver’s license to verify your identity.

3) Upon completion, a confirmation screen will show stating that you have successfully applied for the criminal record check.   

4) Once your application has been processed, BVSS will receive a confirmation e-mail and will inform you of this completion.  Please email letting our volunteers know you have applied for your CRC so we will not need to send you any reminders.

5) Occasionally, individuals are flagged for fingerprint screening because their name or date of birth matches an entry in the offender database, even though they don't have a criminal record. Do not be alarmed if this happens to you as it is a common occurrence.   If you are flagged, you will receive a form in the mail, which you will need to take to the RCMP detachment to get fingerprinted for further screening. 

If you are flagged and do not complete the fingerprinting within 60 days to move the application forward, you will be mailed a reminder letter. If after receiving the reminder letter you do not complete the fingerprinting in a timely manner, BVSS will be notified that your application was abandoned. The charge for the fingerprinting in Smithers is $25, and the RCMP detachment only accepts debit or credit card (no cash or cheques).    BVSS will reimburse you for this cost, please provide the receipt to BVSS for our financial reporting. 

If you have questions or difficulties completing the application, please e-mail our Safety coordinator, Dwayne Allen, at

Again, thank you for stepping up to coach our soccer players this year. We value your time and energy towards helping our youth develop their skills and passion for the game.